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If it doesn’t work…

Give up? I hope that sounds absurd, but that seems to be the approach some people take when it comes to running and related injuries. For a variety of problems, the first attempt at a solution is often to add … Continue reading

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Shoe Changes

Little by little, shoe companies are coming around to the idea that form is important and that the design of the shoes themselves can help or hinder good form. Look at the range of offerings from nearly all of the … Continue reading

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180 to Run Smooth

It’s not my intention to write a book on this blog about proper running form. I wouldn’t be the right person to do so and there are already some out there that are quite good. My goal is simply to … Continue reading

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Running Well

If I’m going to write about running technique, or at least try to convince people that it’s worth thinking about at every level of the sport, it’s worth a moment to define exactly what the objectives are. We all run … Continue reading

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It’s complicated. Yeah, it’s all right!

Despite it being off season, I went out for a long run on Saturday with a number of motivations. I ran because a good friend was the race director and I know he puts on fun events. I also wanted … Continue reading

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Work On Form First

In 2002, after not running for years due to a knee injury, I was inspired to give it a try again. I walked into a reputable local running shop and they did what most shops did then and still do … Continue reading

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Running Role Models

In most any sport, improvement comes from two areas: technique and fitness. It was about three years ago that I realized that technique was probably the larger issue holding me back in running. Despite having run cross country as a … Continue reading

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