Week 1: Testing and Testy

Bike on the trainer

The TT bike had likely found a home for most of the winter.

Yes, this is week 1 of training, but it’s been a light one. The focus of the week has not been anything as exciting as volume or intensity. Instead, it’s been testing. Where exactly am I fitness-wise? I know where I wish I was, and where I’d like to be on either May 5th or June 24th, but where am I now? Only with that information can I plot a course to be in a stronger place on race day.

To that end, the key workouts this week have been fitness tests, not endurance or strength related. There was no goal this week of a number of hours of training, or some other metric. It was only to put forth a best effort in each discipline. With some numbers recorded in the log, it’s time to train.

It’s a good thing I didn’t have plans for serious hours or intensity this week. Putting in that effort requires, well, free time, and intensity requires sleep for recovery. Both of those have been in short supply.

This week, the kids have been rather testy. Halloween didn’t help. In our experience, this is a cycle that the kids sometimes get caught in. It’s a classic chicken and egg problem: the kids don’t eat well, so they don’t sleep well, so they don’t have the patience to eat the next day. Or maybe it starts with lack of sleep. It’s a tough one to break out of, but that’s turned out to be the real goal for this week: break out of the current cycle of insanity. Halloween didn’t help this week, but right now we just have to make it stop.

Next week will be the first REAL week of training: workouts where I have something to accomplish. It makes this weekend’s task all the more important.

Yesterday Bree Wee rocked Ironman Florida, leading through the swim and bike before finally getting passed on the run to finish 6th. I’ve recently discovered her blog and I love her enthusiasm for training, her sport, and for her little one. Craig Alexander won the Ironman World Championship last month. Andy Potts has been doing well on the long distance circuit for a while. These three are my inspiration right now. It’s proof that it is possible to be a parent and an athlete.

I’ll never win a world championship, but my goal is the same as these three: have fun doing my best for my kids and also on race day.

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