It’s complicated. Yeah, it’s all right!

Despite it being off season, I went out for a long run on Saturday with a number of motivations. I ran because a good friend was the race director and I know he puts on fun events. I also wanted to support Born to Run, a new local running shop that advocates good form and footwear that supports good form. I ran in honor of the many friends racing the Ironman World Championship at Kona. If they’re racing an ultra, I should too, right? It was also some much needed alone time in the woods.

The title says it all about the race. On the first of three laps, I got horribly turned around, ran one part of the course three times and was happy just to find my way back to the start/finish. After looking carefully at the course map I started the second lap singing the Poi Dog Pondering tune, “Complicated”. The refrain was particularly appropriate: “I’m gonna get it right this time! I’m gonna get it right this time!”

At 10am, running alone in the woods I yelled a celebratory “BOOM!” My Kona friends were off. Nearing the end of the second lap, I realized that I again took a wrong turn, but wasn’t as lost as before. On the third and final loop, a guy who’d been volunteering jumped in and ran with me. After over 3 hours on my own, I was glad for some friendly company. Bob and I chatted our way through the final 10+ miles enjoying the fall sunshine streaming through the woods.

Finally reaching the finish line, I’d seen almost no one for the whole race outside of a handful of lost 10k racers and Bob. I started the day expecting nothing more than a fun, long run in the woods. Instead I got an adventure and my first 50k win. Seems like a proper tribute to my friends in Hawaii and an early birthday gift for me.

And that last lap? We got it right. I think. But I’m pretty sure by the end I’d run a few extra miles.

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