Curves Ahead

Friday was the last night of track racing season at the Marymoor Velodrome. With no more big events on the calendar, off season officially begins today. The timing is a little coincidental but it’s good too. I’d hoped to be racing this past weekend at the 70.3 World Championships, being held the new Henderson, NV location. That didn’t work out this year so I was cheering for a few friends from afar.

Attacking in the points race

A surprise attack intended to lead out a team mate turned into a 10 lap solo break, nearly to the finish line.

But really, the timing is perfect and in some ways, my off season actually started after the Sylvania Triathlon. Not that I really race for anything other than fun, but after that event, I had no more racing goals for the year that I can take any action on. From now until the next training cycle starts, it’s all about fun, family and finding balance. But what is that balance going to be?

The next couple of months are going to be interesting. Last Tuesday, Reid started first grade at the local public school. Wednesday, Elsa went back to the Montessori preschool. Since they both start school at the same time every day, we’re still trying to figure out school transportation. Sara is trying to set a regular workout schedule. And after all of the work craziness over the past year, I’m finally settling into a new job. So that is the real goal for the fall: find a routine that works for everyone.

Training for me will probably start again in November. How will that fit in? It’s unclear. My job is now so close to home that commuting hardly counts as training, at least on the bike. I’ve got some ideas about what I might do but it depends on how the rest of the family schedule works out.

I’m also looking forward to some off season activities. I have some endurance sport related things in the works, from a running coaching clinic and some “for fun” events, maybe an Olympic distance triathlon and a 50k trail run. I’ve also got a long list of things to do around the house, and I’m hoping another nice weekend or two will provide an opportunity to spend some time with the family in the mountains.

I haven’t really mentally taken any time off of training in a couple of years and so far, this feels great. I’ll also admit that I’m already getting riled up about about some exciting things on the horizon, but for the next couple of months formal training is on hold.

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