Shelton to Bremerton

Today I did one of my favorite moderate distance training rides between Sara’s parent’s house west of Shelton to the ferry terminal in Bremerton. It’s 50 miles on the nose, but I generally start the clock about 1.5 miles into the ride, where the road turns from rough gravel to asphalt. Today was a rough ride. The winds were all over at first, but then turned into steady headwind along the Hood Canal and it was hot the whole time. Despite the difficulties, I rode two minutes faster than my previous time. Down to 2:14, or 21.8 MPH. Not bad for hills and a headwind. It seems the recent speed work on the trainer and track is paying off.

It was a nice way to finish out a fun weekend. We’ve had four kids at our house since Wednesday and today the whole crew was delivered to the grandparents. Our kids don’t see nearly enough of their cousins, so despite the crazy four kids will incur on a house and the lack of sleep for Sara and I, it was worth it. The twins are a fun pair and I’m glad that Reid and Elsa get another couple of days with them. Sara is there with them and will bring them back in a day or so. When will we see them next? Who knows.

I’m just thankful for a fun few days with some extended family and then the opportunity to get a solid training ride in.

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