Seward Park Aquathon

It’s nearing the end of July and while I haven’t given up this blogging experiment yet, but I also haven’t put in the time to make it into what I’d really intended. I haven’t written nearly enough about the “training” or the “dad” part for starters. And even when I have been writing, there have been almost no pictures. Every time I look at this blog, it seems cold and stark in it’s black and white. I’m still sitting on a pile of pictures from Ironman Coeur d’Alene that I’d love to post and still intend to. That post is what I need to do to kick start things again. It’s got every that’s been missing: training, racing, kids, and photos. I’ll get those photos post-processed soon and up. I hope.

In the mean time, this summer has continued to be action packed. I’ve mostly adjusted to not having a huge long distance race on the horizon. Doing speed work is both fun and painful (the good kind) and it’s showing some results. Off days have been great for running and cycling with the kids. Both of them can ride now and are loving it, Reid is still eager to ride as many miles as possible on the trail-a-bike, and Elsa is turning into quite the runner. For a tiny three year old body, she can move and she regularly runs a mile or more without stopping and frequently will run much more over the course of an outing. All with a huge smile on her face, just for the joy of it. That’s my girl. Run for the fun of it!

Wednesday saw me back on the race course for a little training race, the Seward Park Aquathon put on by my good friend Porter of BTO Multisports. The 500m swim and 5k run seemed perfect for a little evening speed work. Despite a frustrating pre-race debacle, the even turned out better than I could really ask for. A perfect storm of a soccer game, teen-pop concert and an accident created a traffic jam that put me to the venue about a minute after start time, and I still needed to park. I figured I’d just hang out with Porter and crew, watch and help out. But when I walked up 5 minutes later, they encouraged me to jump in and give chase. Why not? I was here for a workout, right? Nearly ten minutes after the clock started, I jumped into the lake and got my race underway.

Swimming in race mode but having absolutely no one around was awesome. Despite the huge head start, I wasn’t the last out of the water. Almost last. My official swim time was in the 14 minute range, but who knows what my actual time was. I just swam all out. I hit the run with my heart rate too high and had to keep the first half mile a little slow to get it under control. After that I ran as hard as possible and picked off other runners at a steady clip. In the end I finished 14th, having passed 25 other racers. Tons of fun.

And I signed up for another in the Pacific Aquathon Series in a couple of weeks. It’ll be a last swim/run rehearsal before the Sylvania Olympic on August 14.

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