Ironman 70.3 Hawai’i

The Honu 70.3 was a week ago and now we’re home from 9 lovely days on the island. The race was amazing and fun. And it’s given me a lot to think about with respect to my long term goals in the sport of triathlon. With so much spinning through my head right now, I’m only going to post some quick notes today. Maybe I’ll write up a longer race report later after I have some pictures to share.

The good stuff:

  • Loved the non-wetsuit swim. Wouldn’t mind if I never did another wetsuit race.
  • The reflectors on the roads are 7m apart. No excuses for anyone to draft!
  • Street sweepers cleaned the bike course the day before.
  • Wind and hills. Hard yet still fast bike course.
  • Less windy on race day than other days we were there.  The wind was scary on my June 2nd shakedown ride.
  • Powerbar/Ironman Perform enabled me to carry only a single bottle at a time. Nice and simple. And lighter.
  • Being a small and light guy. The wind and hills hurt me less than others.
  • Passed hordes of riders climbing into the headwind approaching Hawi. Right on target power.
  • The run was beautiful and always interesting.
  • Pulled on a long sleeve sunshirt over my regular tri-top in T2. Very smart.
  • Managed the heat reasonably well. The sunshirt held a lot of ice.
  • Passed more people on the run than passed me.

The bad stuff:

  • Crazy swim start and I never got out of the washing machine/boxing match.
  • The neck seams on my swimskin REALLY hurt! Even with bodyglide.
  • Didn’t see sunscreen volunteers in T1.
  • Powerbar/Ironman Perform bottles leaked horribly. Made it hard to track calorie intake and everything ended up a sticky mess!
  • 6 salt pills weren’t enough on the bike.
  • Despite aggressively tuning my front derailleur, still dropped my chain. Have a k-edge on order now.
  • The run was HOT and sunny.
  • Shady patches were swelteringly humid. The sun was actually easier to handle than the shade.
  • The sunshirt didn’t cover my hands.
  • Cramping started around mile 2 (fixed a couple of miles later by front loading my remaining salt pills)
  • Ran out of salt pills less than half way through the run.
  • Needed a pit stop. Must learn to combat pee on the bike. (If you don’t know, don’t ask.)
  • Very little shade at the finish line.

And finally, the great stuff:

  • Friendly volunteers and competitors.
  • Many friends and teammates racing.
  • Managed the conditions well (other than not having enough salt)
  • Raced the plan. Possibly my best executed race ever.
  • My results are probably within a few of minutes of my current potential based on fitness, the course, conditions, etc.
  • Amazing course.
  • Most difficult long course tri I’ve done. I love hard courses.

What’s next for me? Well, lots of things. Start a new job. Enjoy the summer with the kids. Do some shorter races and an off-road tri. Race the track bike.

And figure out my plan for future 70.3 and IM racing. Ironman Canada in August?

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3 Responses to Ironman 70.3 Hawai’i

  1. Elizabeth says:

    What was your final time? And I’m officially not asking about the pee.

  2. danieljtomko says:

    Swim: 32:20
    T1: 2:58
    Bike: 2:40:43
    Run: 1:42:53
    Total: 5:00:33

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