My New Training Partner

It’s the time in the training cycle when the intensity needs to go way up. This week I did ok in that regard, with three very solid swims, some good running and quite a few high intensity rides, though all of them short. Sometime soon I need to find the time to do something long and fast but the weather is looking good for this week.

The real news this week is that we finally reached a milestone a long time in coming: Reid is now big enough to ride on a trail-a-bike. He’d been ready for a while, but his legs just haven’t been long enough. Last weekend we bought a Burley Piccolo and it just barely works with the seatpost all the way down and the saddle swapped out for something thinner. After a spin around the neighborhood on Saturday, we headed out this afternoon to go on a real ride.

The first stop was REI in Issaquah. Reid has been asking us to buy him some bike gloves for a while and since we’re now going to be riding a lot more and longer miles, they’re finally a good idea. I didn’t tell him why we were stopping, but he was thrilled.

Then I realized my mistake. In the commotion getting out of the house, I’d forgotten our water bottle. I guess we could have walked back in and bought another one, but that seemed a little silly. We just weren’t going to be able to be out as long. Instead, we made the ride home count.

I gave Reid the option of stopping at a park by a lake, or a park on a mountain. True to Tomko form, he chose the mountain. As we started up Newport Way he asked, “Were you kidding about the mountain?” Then we came around the bend and he saw the start of the Zoo Hill climb and realized that I wasn’t kidding.

Reid loved watching the lake drop further and further below as we passed little viewpoints through the trees. And he pedaled his legs off. It was amazing to feel the push from behind and his hard work was a big help. I’m not sure I could have pulled him up on my own.

We screamed down Cougar Mountain Way toward Lakemont and Lewis Creek Park. I basked in the sun while Reid ran around the playground, chased frogs, and climbed rocks. In the end, the 20 miles seemed easy for him. Maybe we’ll go for 30 or 40 next weekend, but with a little less climbing. Either way, I’m excited to have a new training partner and the extra resistance fits right in.

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2 Responses to My New Training Partner

  1. dstomko says:

    “We screamed down Cougar Mountain Way…” Someone told me before leaving the house that he would keep the speed in check with the little one on the back. Ahem. =)

    • danieljtomko says:

      We didn’t go nearly as fast as I generally do as I was feathering the brakes the whole way. 🙂 That’s a great little descent with very smooth pavement, nice curves, and very little traffic. Much better than going down the way we went up. That would be scary on any bike, let alone with a kiddo on back.

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