At some point in our lives, who doesn’t want to be a super hero? Ok, maybe not everyone. But even those who would rather keep out of the spotlight occasionally wish they had some power that defies the laws of nature. I’m sure that this is true for parents, maybe more than for any other group. I’d assert that at least once a day, every parent is silently calling for a cosmic event that never happens. Ok, maybe more than once a day. And what parents wish they could conjure isn’t superspeed, isn’t lightning bolts, or even the ability to fly. Our desires and needs are much more basic than that.

There are a few things over which kids have near absolute power. For example, you can’t make another person eat or sleep. There are many other issues that that could be forced, but doing so would really be cruel and wrong.

Personally, I want a way to inject a balanced diet directly into the childrens’ bodies three or more times per day. Of course there are other things that would be nice to snap my fingers and change, but at least in our house, fixing this one would probably make other things tolerable. Hungry kids don’t sleep well. And even if they did get a good night’s sleep, hungry kids are grumpy, impatient and mean.

Sara still seems to hold out hope, but I’ve basically given up on trying to cook things that the kids might eat. There is almost nothing that the kids like well enough to eat predictably, other than cookies and crackers. I did say I wished them a balanced diet, didn’t I? Nearly every time we try something new that the kids eat the first time, they won’t touch  it the next time whether is be left overs the next day, or a fresh batch lovingly made with them in mind the next week. Every meal is a roll of the dice. Weighted dice.

What super power would fix all in your world?

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