Very Fast Parents

“Fast” for athletes is always relative. No matter what our average pace is for a given distance or event, we always strive to be faster. And for nearly everyone, there is someone that makes them feel slow. Some people consider me fast.
However, there is a family in our neighborhood, I’ll call them the Antelopes, who are dramatically faster. Mom Antelope not by too much, but Dad Antelope can carry on a casual conversation while I’m completely redlined. For their respective age groups, they’re both very fast.

Then there are those at the top of the game, like Kara Goucher. She’s one of the fastest female marathoners in the US right now. She and her husband, Adam, are both professional runners. Their first baby was born in September and he’s a cutie. So what’s next after giving birth? Well, Kara was second last weekend at the Rock & Roll Arizona Half Marathon, running a 1:14:02. And the race was also the week after her son was so ill that he was hospitalized for several days. I’m betting she wasn’t terribly well rested.

Her race report shows some mixed emotions about both her time and place and that’s expected for an athlete at that level. But no matter, that time is very fast. Congratulations Kara, and best of luck in Boston.

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