Bike Improvement – Heads Up Display

Heads up bike computer mount

Here's the end product. No more looking down to see the computer!

Some people continually work on their houses, others tweak and tune their cars, and cyclists are always tinkering with bikes. Triathletes are maybe the most obsessive. I’m not as bad as some, but also no exception.

This winter I’m reworking the hydration system. Step one is to move the bike computer. Kyle Watson of Mr Crampy’s Multisport gave me a great idea and a little scrap of carbon seatpost. Cut to just a few millimeters larger than the space between the aerobar extensions it now fits nearly flush, the ends sanded concave. It doesn’t wiggle at all when held in place by compression between the extensions, but there are zip ties just in case.

The computer bracket is mounted from the inside and held in place with epoxy. The hole was cut just a bit too small with a hole saw on a drill press, then adjusted to fit by sanding with a Dremel tool. The epoxy was a quick and simple solution, but I’m still thinking about ways I can make this optionally rotate 90 degrees so that it could be convertible for use with a Forerunner 310xt as well.


Close up of the computer bracket

A simple solution to put a bike computer front and center.

The next project is to decide on a water bottle mount, also on the handlebars.

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