Happy New (Training) Year!

I celebrated the first day of 2011 this morning at Samena with a short swim. No, we’re not talking about some sort of odd, anachronistic calendar. Weeks start on Mondays, so why wouldn’t years as well? Ok. Only in the world of athletes is this the case. So if you’re an athlete training for something in 2011, Happy New Year! I wish you great success! If you’re not an athlete then I already wished you happy new year a few days ago on that “official” holiday.

In addition to my training goals for the year, I’ve also finally started this blog. Topic ideas for posts have been gathering for a while and it’s time to do something with them. So here is post number one. Welcome to TrainingDad! I hope to write about the challenges of training, parenting, and combining the two. Now add to my already too-numerous hobbies, blogging.

Training goals for the next four weeks: get into a training routine and do some conditioning. Focus on technique in the pool, do some early season testing on the bike, run some speed and tempo work for next month’s marathon!

Parenting goals: take the kids skiing at every available opportunity, laugh with the kids every day.

Now, I have one more mini-monkey to get into bed and rollers are waiting in the basement…

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